AR Media International's founder won the Grand Security Award

Stockholm, Sweden

AR Media's founder Lennart Alexandrie received the first ever Grand Security Award from Joakim Söderström and Kettil Stenberg, the CEO and chairman, respectively, of the Swedish Security Industry Association (Säkerhetsbranschen).

Lennart Alexandrie, the co-founder of the publishing company AR Media International, won the inaugural Grand Security Award (Stora Säkerhetspriset), founded this year by Säkerhetsbranschen – the Swedish security industry association.

AR Media International is known globally, in the main, for being the creator and publisher of the security trade magazine Detektor and the online publication, for which Lennart Alexandrie is still the acting editor-in-chief.

In the Scandinavian countries AR Media is also known as a successful event organiser for the Sectech events in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. The online security trade publication (featuring a Swedish and a Danish market edition) is also a trademark of AR Media International. Lennart Alexandrie and AR Media were also the founders of SNOS, a thinktank and a driving force behind the changes to the previous overly harsh restrictive legislation regarding the use of video surveillance equipment.

First winner of the award

Säkerhetsbranschen, the Swedish Security Industry Association, has 505 member companies representing a turnover of SEK 57 billion per year, according to its website. This year the association launched the Grand Security Award in conjunction with their event The Security Day (Säkerhetsdagen) in Stockholm. The criteria for the award is, that it should be presented to a person who "works in the security industry and who in a distinctive way has contributed to the industry's development, innovation, visibility or success".

“It is of course an honour, not least because it is the first time this award has been presented,” commented Lennart Alexandrie, who was a member of the reference group forming part of the project team that had the mission to merge the industry associations for manned guarding companies and technology suppliers into one strong association, which eventually became the Swedish Security Industry Association, named Säkerhetsbranschen in 2013.

“Being a part of that is certainly a reason why I am very grateful for receiving this award”

Not the first time

It is not the first time Lennart Alexandrie has been present at a prize ceremony. However, usually he is the one handing out the trophies and diplomas as the host of the Detektor International Award event on a yearly basis. But he has also personally been awarded before. In 2013 he was awarded by the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA), receiving the Gold Shield Award in conjunction with the world’s largest security exhibition CPSE for “Outstanding Contribution for the Global Security Industry”. In Sweden, he has also received recognition in 2007 when he received the Hans Vermdalen's Security Scholarship, by Swesec, the umbrella organisation for all significant industry associations in Sweden at the time and Företagsuniversitetet, (the Business University), a leading Swedish educational company.

"But of course the Grand Security Award has a special status to me, because it is instituted by Säkerhetsbranschen, the security industry association that we (AR Media) were very committed to during its first turbulent years."

The jury´s motivation

The Grand Security Award ceremony was held at the banquet in conjunction with the event Säkerhetsdagen (The Security Day) on the 2nd of September at the Quality Globe Hotel in Stockholm.

The award trophy and diploma were handed out to Lennart Alexandrie by the chairman and CEO, respectively, of the Security Industry Association, Kettil Stenberg and Joakim Söderström. The latter of the two also announced the jury´s motivation.

“Through his commitment and drive for the security industry, Lennart has been involved and influenced future developments. Not least through Sectech, Detektor Awards and SNOS, Lennart helps to promote innovations and drive development around security solutions and industry issues both in Sweden and in the international market.”


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