Important attributes of a smart IIoT solution

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Most people have experienced a paradigm shift in consumer electrical products from PCs to the Internet, and then to the smartphone - machine builders should adapt to smart HMIs, the successor of traditional HMIs (Human Machine Interface) offer the latest integrated circuit and software technology that is capable of performing more functions. Machine builders need an IIoT ecosystem that supports interrogation, fault detection, failure prediction, and performance analysis. Beijer Electronics’ IIoT solutions comprise three main attributes: Smart HMIs, Edge controllers and wireless infrastructure.

Smart HMIs

Inside a machine, most likely there is typically a traditional HMI or PC-based HMI. Beijer Electronics’s smart HMIs are designed for the easy build-up of smart machinery. The smart HMI provides the gateway to Industry 4.0; it empowers traditional functions as well as data gateway and data management functions.

The Beijer Electronics smart HMI integrates many pieces of equipment and machine data and performs status and value monitoring. The basic functions like equipment status, text input, recipe, simple logic, and numerical calculation are accompanied by advanced functions such as database, complex mathematics, IT protocol support, multi-purpose display, and integration with various industrial devices.

Beijer Electronics smart HMI supports comprehensive controller protocols, and the built-in OPC UA Server & Client meets most IT connectivity requirements. The Beijer Electronics smart HMI offers optimised storage, computation, network, virtualisation, and application through CSV, FTP, Web services, SQL connectivity. And the interface provides net framework with C# script for proprietary protocol development or specific functions.

For machine builders, the Beijer Electronics smart HMI services the fields of semiconductor equipment, packaging/ carton folding machine, AGV/Folk lift equipment, warehouse station, and tooling machine.

Smart edge controller

Beijer’s IIoT solutions equip customers with a smart edge controller to connect devices like scales, scanners, label printers, power meters, remote I/Os, inverters, servo drives, and encoders through CSV, FTP, Web services, and SQL. It also enables clients to create functions such as the production record, alarm message, and analysis report. Through the Beijer SMI, users can easily connect devices and create functions such as the recipe for work order, production record, alarm message, analysis report while supporting remote monitoring. For manufacturing systems, visualisation makes the device easier to control and extends a higher value on the device information, allowing managers to watch real-time status of the device in the office and manage the production process more efficiently.

Wireless Infrastructure

Traditional environmental sensors are based on serial communication. Beijer IIoT employs the Korenix technologies to provide the 4G/LTE, LoRa, and Wifi devices to convert stream communication to network communication and made the output wirelessly, saving wiring and maintenance costs. The wireless infrastructure is flexible for a long or short distance and meets all public network application requirements.

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