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For the very first time, Acusense technology from Hikvision is bringing the power of AI security to homeowners and SMBs. "That means customers in this important market can now boost their security and respond to incidents faster, while also saving time and reducing their workloads and costs,” says Kevin You, Product Management Director at Hikvision.

By making AI security features available to homeowners and SMB organisations, Acusense technology is powering more effective security, more efficiency, and faster ROI for customers in these important markets.

Three of the key ways that Acusense technology can revolutionise security for residential and SMB customers include the support for a faster, more effective response to security incidents.  With traditional CCTV solutions, end users may not even know an incident has occurred until after the event – when damages and losses have already been incurred. Acusense changes this with real-time alarms triggered to end users’ mobile devices – allowing them to respond in real time to minimize the negative impacts of a security breach.

As an additional benefit, certain Acusense-enabled camera models offer built-in sound and strobe alarms to startle intruders when they enter restricted areas, stopping them in their tracks. This helps to prevent break-ins in the first place, further protecting people and assets.

Secondly, Acusense technology delivers major time and cost savings for homeowners and businesses. For example it is able to differentiate between humans and vehicles, and other moving objects such as animals, falling leaves, or heavy rain. This minimizes false positives and ensures that end users are only alerted in the event of real security threats. Acusense technology also allows homeowners, SMB security teams, and alarm-receiving centres to find footage of security incidents extremely quickly and easily, with no need to review video manually. This is achieved with ‘tags’ added to the video timeline every time a person or vehicle appears in the camera view – which eliminates the need for time-consuming, expensive, manual video searches.

And third,  Acusense technology is fast and simple to deploy, delivering a truly easy upgrade path to AI. Although Acusense offers security features that dramatically improve home and business security, the technology is fast and easy to deploy in a range of settings – from residences to factories, warehouses, and other restricted areas.

In fact, according to Hikvision, the cameras, NVRs and DVRs with Acusense technology are almost as simple to deploy as regular CCTV cameras and use similar mounting and configuration processes. In part, installation is made easy because of the Motion Detection 2.0 function of Acusense-enabled cameras and DVRs which is turned on by default. This means that accurate human and vehicle detection is possible with no configuration necessary.

Finally, but equally importantly, residential and SMB customers can deploy Acusense-enabled NVRs to their existing camera estates to take advantage of new, AI-powered security features. This means that they can still boost their security provision with Acusense, while also extending ROI on their existing camera investments.

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