Ability showcases latest AI and edge-cloud technologies at Ifsec

Taipei, Taiwan

Following its successful debut at ISC West 2022 earlier this year, Ability Enterprise will continue its momentum by participating at Ifsec International this year, from 17th to 19th May in London, UK, where the company plans to showcase its latest AI cameras and edge-cloud collaborative solutions.

“In recent years edge-cloud collaborative computing is attracting increasing attention for AI enabled video surveillance and security applications”, said Jonny Wu, Senior Director of Ability Enterprise. “With the built-in VPU and AI accelerator in Ability’s AI edge cameras, our smart AI edge cameras provide sufficient computing power for most video applications running on the edge device and only transmit the processed meta data to the cloud for final results for those complex applications requiring significant AI computing power.” This collaborative computing approach is becoming popular in today’s video security market as it allows the customers to easily switch and run different applications on the same camera hardware. It also helps to save on the total cost of system ownership by reducing the required network bandwidth, shortening response latency, and ensuring data integrity and safety, even provides the most flexibility and possibility for customers to deploy their system in VSaaS (Video Security as a Service) business model.

“As a leading OEM/ODM smart AI camera manufacturers, Ability is strived to provide complete camera solutions and best-in-class manufacturing service, so that our customers only need to concentrate their effort on sales and marketing activities while achieving quick system deployment at the same time”, added Johnny. “There are plenty of standard video applications already available for our customers to use immediately. In addition to that, our customers can further take advantage of Ability’s flexible system design, complete development tool kit, and edge-cloud collaborative architecture to quickly develop and migrate their proprietary AI models to our smart AI camera platform.”

With its solid optical and camera expertise, strong manufacturing capability, and rich experience in compliance fulfillment, Ability also provides customisation turnkey services that help customers to meet different application needs including design, software and hardware development, prototyping, manufacturing, integration, testing and deployment.


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