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Convergint partners with Gallagher to provide mobile technology solutions that integrate with a security system to create a comprehensive and efficient security plan. The company suggests that there at least five good reasons to integrate mobile technology with access control systems today.

1. Efficiency

Security emergencies require administrators to access the system and communicate with people at work if they aren’t onsite. Mobile technology ensures that businesses meet all safety and health requirements and makes evacuations quicker and lockdowns safer.

Security operators can verify that all cardholders onsite are safe, allowing for quick headcounts. They can see where people are moving on-site and can route them to a secure area. Mobile technology also allows security administrators to see who hasn’t reported to safety zones and locate them in the building.

This technology eliminates the need for physical evacuation lists and significantly reduces the time it takes to make sure everyone is safe.

2. Easy deployment

Mobile access control integrates with an existing security system easily and offers a comprehensive, scaleable security solution businesses can use to even manage companies with multiple sites. It simplifies the access process as well as the administrator and user experience.

3. Cost saving

Mobile credentials are less expensive than access cards. By using the technology that everyone always carries with them anyway, businesses can reduce the costs associated with buying and printing, as well as distributing and managing key cards.

Mobile technology saves money and time for universities, especially at the beginning of school semesters, when students arrive in droves. They need access to classrooms and dorms, and using mobile credentials makes the process much easier.

4. Remote management

Security administrators can manage the security system and users remotely.

Managers can even unlock doors, disable or issue credentials, manage alarms, or deal with other security issues no matter where they are as long as they have internet access. Lost access cards are no longer a big issue because mobile credentials eliminate the need for an administrator to always be on site.

Site security personnel don’t need to stay in a centralised control room so they can respond to on-site emergencies. Mobile technology provides crucial security information in real-time when security operators can’t access the control room immediately.

5. Secure communication

Mobile credentials use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with card readers utilizing a strong authentication method to ensure secure communication. This security makes it more difficult for anyone to gain access to businesses through relay attacks or other threats.

Access control readers send random data strings to the mobile device utilising a private key saved in the smartphone’s key store. The phone signs the data and sends it back to the card reader, at which time the reader validates the digital signature and opens the door. Mobile technology allows agencies to mitigate attacks making these systems more secure.

According to Convergint, these are only a few of the many reasons why businesses should choose mobile access control technology to manage access to their facilities and sites.


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