Lilin's World-1st YOLO 4K Camera supports to use your own AI Models

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What is 'YOLO'? Accordingly to an article published in Analytics Vidhya by Mr. Ani Aggarwal, the information is given as:  YOLO or You Only Look Once, is a popular real-time object detection algorithm. YOLO combines what was once a multi-step process, using a single neural network to perform both classification and prediction of bounding boxes for detected objects. YOLOv1 referred to as just YOLO, can perform faster than real-time object detection at 45 frames per second, making it a great choice for applications that require real-time detection. 

Additionally, YOLO can generalize the representations of various objects, making it more applicable to a variety of new environments. Now that we have a general overview of YOLO, let’s take a look at how it really works. (more information by clicking here)

Lilin, a world-known brand in CCTV and IP Surveillance field for over 4 decades, has launched its world-first 4K edge camera running embedded YOLO algorithm with Lilin 'Self+' AI Cloud machenism. The Lilin 'Self+' AI Cloud will allow parners and Value-added clients to put and convert their own pre-trained AI models up to the Lilin Cloud platform and further load these AI models to the Lilin AI YOLO 4K Edge camera(s).  This will require no PC attached.

"Including Intel OpenVINO, NVIDIA CUDA and Ambarella, Lilin's AI solution is complete from front-end to back-end and can be ported across platforms." Steve Hu, Chief Information Officer of Lilin AI Team said, "We expect Lilin's 'Self+' AI platform to become an 'Algorithm Deployment Accelerator' for AI start-ups, creating a multi-win situation in the AI ecosystem." 

An edge camera is enough

The Lilin AI YOLO 4K camera has a built-in Ambarella high-speed chip that performs AI recognition while triggering other behaviors for unparalleled performance. There's no need to settle for a large, bulky mainframe or a small USB stick with poor performance.

Use Your Own Models? YES!

It's very easy to put your pre-trained models into LILIN cameras.
Via the Self +AI Cloud, you can also share or publish your package with others.

Bind to Behaviors

The Lilin  AI YOLO 4K camera has multiple behavior modes, which can be easily paired with AI recognition for various applications, such as license plate detection or face detection. The management of human flow, social distance detection and people capacity calculation will also be the key scenarios to beat the epidemic.

The Lilin's YOLO algorithm is C# & Python Compatible. Lilin offers SDK, for value-added users and partners to integrate your own software or services in solution migration and improvements.

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