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3D Stereo Video Analytics has created tremendous value for applications which need high accuracy. huperLab with more than 14 years of experience developing 3D Stereo Video Analytics algorithm and the 3D Stereo Camera, provides solutions not only suitable for indoor environment but also works perfect in critical weather outdoor environment.

huperLab proprietary 3D stereo vision technology, combining huperLab’s advanced 3D video algorithms and huperEyes dual-lens stereo cameras, is able to calculate the objects size, position and movement in 3 dimensions, so as to create a variety of 3D video analytics applications. 3D stereo camera has the advantage of not being influenced by the strong sun light which is full of infrared that TOF cameras are hard to overcome.

huperLab has developed high accuracy 3D video analytics solutions for different markets. 3D retail solution includes 3D people counter, 3D area counter, 3D queue management and capacity (occupancy) management. huperLab retail solution featuring a high-value video analytics solution that offers proactive monitoring, video forensic research and high accuracy of analytic results for retail management. By implementing the business intelligent solution, the retailers are able to take full advantage of the data and learn the customer satisfaction and marketing evaluation at a time. Eventually, they can make tactical and strategic business decisions.

For security and surveillance solution, there are 3D virtual fence, 3D tailgating detection, 3D fall & stop detection, 3D secured zone, 3D air-lock room and 3D loitering detection. Traditional video analytics can no longer meet the requirement of the security market. 3D stereo video analytics was designed to meet the requirement of the security market with its high accuracy and it works excellent in indoor and critical outdoor environments. huperLab’s Intelligent security solution, through self-developed patented 3D stereo video analytics technology and huperEyes 3D stereo camera, provide robust security functionalities to maintain customers’ high level security protection.

For transportation solution, there are 3D vehicle counter, 3D bus people counter and 3D cyclist detection. The proactive 3D stereo video analytics technology is beneficial to the transportation industry due to its high tolerance to the outdoor critical weather conditions. huperLab smart transportation solution detects pedestrians, cyclist, and vehicles in real-time. Reduce false alarms, optimize costs, and improve the operational efficiency of the transportation system. Optimize traffic safety with instant alarm, integrated with mobile system to maintain road safety.

HuperEyes S800 3D Stereo Camera is an All-in-one AIoT device, which is built in with a server. Easy installation saves the cost and time. With wide selection of 3D video analytics solutions, huperLab offers smart web setup software for PC, iOS and Android. It supports IP66, indoor and outdoor, day and night, built in 2-way audio for real-time alarm and communication. It also supports Push Notification to smart phone. 

The 3D stereo camera prevents the false alarm from different critical weather condition, such as sun light, shadow, rain, snow, fallen leaves, bugs and car headlights which are common scenario in real cases.

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