Vuwall demonstrates new C2 upgrades at GSX

Montreal, Canada

Vuwall will be sharing its latest command and control (C2) solutions in collaboration with the Infragard National Members Alliance — an FBI-affiliated nonprofit organisation — at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2022, Sept. 12-14, in Atlanta.

In partnership with Swan Island Networks, Advancis, Tresco, Planar, QSC and Rockdove Solutions, Vuwall will demonstrate its popular and industry-praised PAK Video Wall Node as well as the TRX 3.3, an anticipated update to the company's centralised management software.

"Interoperability, visibility, flexibility, efficiency and redundancy are the hallmarks of a well-designed command centre," said Mark Schmidt, CTO of Vuwall. "Video wall deployments in command centres can be quite intimidating, and we've been focused on solutions that simplify this. The combination of our latest PAK and TRX offering removes the complexity and deployment time of video wall projects with a scalable and interoperable approach. Come see them firsthand at GSX, get a demo and meet the team."

Vuwall's PAK offers an innovative way to deploy and manage modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments. PAK is a networked multi-decode node that can also operate efficiently as a stand-alone device. For large displays, PAK nodes can be easily stitched together to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable and can function as a single large canvas. PAK simplifies video wall integration by reducing the need for long video cables and eliminating single points of failure to minimize risk and improve reliability. As part of Vuwall's ecosystem, PAK is managed by the award-winning TRX software platform. Today, it's possible to build a reliable, flexible video wall system quickly and cost-effectively over a distributed network with PAK, making it ideal for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control room operations and security applications.

Built on an open, interoperable architecture, Vuwall's TRX visualisation and comprehensive video wall management platform version 3.3 heightens the value offered by its innovative design. TRX allows organisations to grow their video ecosystem as their needs evolve. Whether users are adding new video walls and information displays or expanding their AV-over-IP network with devices from different brands, TRX enables everything to function in the same environment with seamless compatibility. Most of all, it gives operators a central control system that keeps pace with the evolution of their AV infrastructure without reconfiguring existing settings when new equipment is added.

Integration and compatibility

In addition to already supporting all standard protocols and featuring compatibility with products from many third-party solutions that include SDVoE devices, IHSE, Adder, Milestone, and NDI-compatible devices, the latest version of TRX is now officially certified by the Genetec Development Acceleration Program to run with its Genetec Security Center. By integrating with the Genetec Security Center, customers have a comprehensive system for video wall control where operators can manage and visualize IP cameras along with other content sources from a single, easy-to-use platform. It allows control room operators to manage Vuwall video wall controllers; change feeds and displays content directly from the Genetec Security Center interface without switching applications; and control the video wall system, including Genetec cameras and content from other sources such as web apps, maps, RSS feeds, HDMI devices and computers with intuitive, drag-and-drop operation.

As well as its third-party interoperability, TRX version 3.3 boasts improved UI performance. With TRX, organisations can effortlessly manage an unlimited number of devices and perform multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down. The system's ultra-responsiveness guarantees an exceptionally smooth user experience and quicker response times.


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