Vigitron launches new line-up of transmission solutions

San Diego, Ca

Vigitron, a leading provider of IP/PoE network solutions, is releasing its new range of “U” products, the Universal PoE Transmission solutions.

These PoE solutions provide 8 PoE Classes up to 90W of power as well as compatibility to UPoE which continues to be used by many leading camera manufacturers.

“Standardisation of IEEE 802.3bt helps to address the growing need for higher PoE solutions and provide a standard format,” stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s VP of Business Development. “However it also resulted in confusion as it is not compatible with the non-standard UPoE used by many leading camera manufacturers for many years. With a growing number of manufacturers adopting IEEE 802.3bt, installers are confused as to why an application requiring a 60W PoE source does not work with some high-power PoE sources. Vigitron’s “U” series solves that problem by providing PoE compatible with both IEEE 802.3bt and UPoE".

Vigitron’s “U” series includes a complete line of extenders, repeaters, and much more using UTP, coax, and fibre cables.


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