Unidirectional media converter with Link Guardian

Danford, Ct (USA)

The new media converter effectively allows data to travel in only one direction.

The latest intelligent media converters from Comnet are with Link Guardian to create a physical layer of protection that limits network traffic to one-way communication between the source and destination networks. The Comnet CNGEUMC4+2(TX, RX)/M is designed to prevent cyber security attacks by limiting data flow to one direction between a secured and unsecured network. How the devices are deployed will determine which direction the data will flow.

Called a “Unidirectional Media Converter”, this physical security is offered as more effective than software-enabled network firewalls. This data connection is, according to Comnet, un-hackable and invulnerable to malware.

The Comnet CNGEMUMC4+2(TX, RX)/M is a hardened four-port all-gigabit intelligent media converter. This product is designed to provide deterministic data transfer in only one direction (unidirectional), to segment and protect networks, devices, and other digital assets (databases, historians, SCADA, PLCs, DCS, etc.) from external cyber threats.

It has four 10/100/1000Base-T(X) copper ports and two 1000Base-FX SFP ports. It effectively only allows data to travel in one direction. The CNGEMUMC4+2(TX, RX)/M provides exclusive functionality for easy field deployment including DIP switch-based operation of RSFP (redundant SFP) for creating redundant fibre connections.

According to Andrew Acquarulo Jr., Comnet CEO and President, “Media converters are generally simple to use. The primary purpose is as a distance extending device, but they can also be used as an entry point to a network. By adding features such as Link Guardian, we are offering our customers another way of making their network more reliable and secure from unauthorized access. This keeps us front and centre in terms of innovation.”

The company believes that these features give them a more competitive position in the market and allow Comnet to be unique and differentiate the product line.

“Making any network operate more efficiently and effectively is another way of how Comnet moves the market. Cyber security/ unauthorised access is a monumental concern for all security networks. By leading with our advanced technology, such as Link Guardian, we position Comnet and our solutions as the company to turn for “new and better” transmission options. Our position is that if you are concerned about the long-term success of your application, choosing Comnet ensures it will be,” said Skip Haight, Comnet VP of Marketing.


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