Seco-larm launches electric transfer hinge

Irvine, Ca

Seco-larm U.S.A., Inc. is releasing its electric transfer hinge (SD-H412).

The Enforcer SD-H412 electric transfer hinge provides a vandal-resistant method for protecting and concealing wires between a hollow door and door frame.

It is suitable for low-voltage, low-current applications such as electric door strikes, locksets, and deadbolts or other monitoring or exit devices and is easily installed, replacing the centre hinge.

Features include 12 or 24 VAC/VDC operation and 4 conductive wires, 4x 28AWG wires and 0.5A@24VAC/VDC. It is a standard 5-knuckle hinge that provides both power and data transfer. It can be used to replace one of the standard door hinges on a hollow door, and is enclosed in a heavy-duty, vandal-resistant steel housing that protects and hides the wires.


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