Safety Vision focuses on mobile surveillance in Reno

Houston, Tx

Last week, Safety Vision presented several innovative technologies to K12 Pupil Transportation Directors, representing hundreds of the nation’s largest school districts, at the School Transport New Expo in Reno, Nevada. 

Technologies included the company's Electronic Mirror System, including a 12.3-inch mirror unit displaying HD camera images from exterior left/right sides of the bus. The system provides an easy-to-use Class II and Class IV view that increases visibility and accident avoidance. The system can replace traditional mirrors (local regulations permitting) and is already in wide use throughout Europe.

Also featured was the Stop Arm Citation solution that ensures complete violation capture to citation processing. This solution is currently undergoing required piloting at several districts and is gaining momentum across the US. Other notable software advancements included AI and Machine Learning that use Edge-AI computer vision cameras to complete passenger counting for one or two door configurations and can even detect passengers left on a bus. Edge-AI completes these tasks locally on the camera and replaces the processing power needed locally for onboard recorders and the customer’s server.

Director of Pupil Transportation for Safety Vision, Clint Bryer says that “STN Expo Reno is a unique opportunity to gain feedback on our innovative technology solutions from School Transportation professionals to ensure we’re aligned with their unique mobile surveillance and onboard technology needs.”


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