Pacom offers sneak peak of next-gen solutions in Atlanta

Fishers, In

At the recent GSX trade show in Atlanta, Pacom Systems, an industry leader in security systems for complex enterprise multi-site and campus environments, featured a sneak peek of its next generation of solutions.

Pacom’s newest cloud-based solution is designed as an intelligent, user-friendly, and centrally controlled management platform. This powerful solution is also available on a mobile app to give full control virtually anywhere, anytime. It is designed primarily for monitoring and analysing security, CCTV, and building management data from thousands of remote sites to bring insights and greater efficiencies to any business.

“There is a real evolution taking place in physical security today with an emphasis on sharing and analysing data that is produced from legacy security technologies,” said Bill Hobbs, vice president of global sales. “Our goal is to give the user a holistic view of their estate that enables them to be proactive and make informed decisions. This next generation of Pacom’s flagship solution is designed to plug directly into the client’s ecosystem and provide clarity from the big data that security solutions produce.”

The newest solution was designed to be compatible with Pacom’s existing product range and already provides a migration path for some Pacom clients today. Features are actively being added to support all Pacom clients in the future. Users in a wide range of vertical markets can make smarter, more informed decisions using the fully integrated reporting and dashboard tools, as well as enjoy easier tracking and analysis of the data most important to their organisation.

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