New gunshot detection already deployed in schools

Indianapolis, In

Sonitrol, a leader in verified electronic security, has introduced a new, award-winning Gunshot Detection Solution, which is already being deployed at Gibson Southern High School in Fort Branch, Indiana.

In any organisation, keeping people safe is the top priority. Unfortunately, unpredictable active-shooter situations happen all too often. So, it is essential to have safety measures in place to help ensure quick, effective responses in an emergency. Gunshot Detection can be an important part of any active shooter safety and security plan. By integrating this technology into an existing Sonitrol system, an organisation’s security team can be better prepared to act in the event of an active shooter.

Sonitrol offers an innovative 360-degree Gunshot Detection Solution, powered by 3xlogic, which identifies the firing of a gun using concussive ultrasonic force recognition technology. This allows for better accuracy in identifying a gunshot – compared to other technologies that rely on microphones – thus reducing false alarm risks. The detection device is simple to install and integrates seamlessly into an existing Sonitrol verified security system.

Gibson Southern High School in Fort Branch, Indiana, serves over 700 students. With a large physical campus footprint, Gibson Southern needed a security system for after-hours intrusion, managed access control, and video surveillance inside and outdoors. Like most schools, emergency response plans are a top priority. Gibson Southern was looking to increase overall safety in case of emergency situations, like active-shooter events or other external threats.

“We did not know about the availability of these devices, so when Sonitrol approached us about Gunshot Detection, we said, ‘Yes, let’s add this to our school,’” says D. Lienemann, school resource officer at Gibson Southern High School. “We met with Sonitrol staff and together we decided to install one unit in the school’s front entryway, one in the cafeteria, and one up in the academic hall.” If a gunshot is detected at Gibson Southern, the alarm will be sent to Sonitrol’s Central Station which monitors the school, giving them insight as to where a gunshot was fired. The alarm information gives the proper authorities crucial inside information they normally wouldn’t have at a time they most need it.

Utilising innovative, reliable, and verified safety and security technology from Sonitrol can help increase the probability of faster police response times and has been shown to lower false alarm rates.


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