Kterio presents immersive building technology management in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nv

Kterio is in Las Vegas this week to demonstrate a "quantum leap in data-driven building management" Image courtesy of Kterio

Kterio, founded in 2020, a disruptive new innovator in building data control solutions that transform reactive system management into predictive intelligence, is showcasing its Immersive Building Technology Management Solution at Realcomm 2023 in Las Vegas this week. 

Kterio is presenting this latest solution as a "quantum leap in data-driven building management" and is offering live demonstrations of its innovative technology at the show.

“Whether you are looking to streamline building operations, reduce energy consumption, or improve security across the enterprise, Kterio provides that elusive single source of truth for your building,” said Mark Glynn, President, Kterio. “We are extending an open invitation to Realcomm attendees to experience our technology in action, so they can discover for themselves how our innovative Building Technology Management Solution delivers tangible ROI in months, not years.”

Kterio’s Immersive Building Technology Management Solution effectively aggregates data from previously disparate Proptech operation systems to provide real-time, actionable insights. With these insights, facilities teams and property owners can reduce recurring overhead expenses relating to maintenance, energy, and more. The predictive intelligence provided by Kterio also enables compliance with new and emerging ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) mandates to support sustainability goals and further reduce costs.

Field tested and proven in handling highly complex systems across multiple properties, Kterio’s Immersive Building Technology Management Solution is supported via the company’s Smart Service Centers, providing the technology and human support to help customers navigate software implementation, data/energy analysis, and scalability.


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