Idemia wins SIA award in biometric category

Paris, France and Silver Spring, Md (USA)

Idemia's newly launched advanced facial recognition device, Visonpass was recently presented with the SIA New Product Showcase Award in the Biometric category, at a virtual ceremony.

Idemia’s team presented the company’s submission in front of the judges by giving a “behind the curtain” overview of why and how Idemia developed this product, from a blank sheet of paper, listening to partners’ and clients’ pain points, as well as to their needs in terms of performance, reliability, user experience, etc.

The team then explained the technical choices made by its R&D team to meet these very demanding requirements and come up with what is now confirmed with this award, as one of the most advanced facial recognition terminals on the market.

Its 2D+3D+infrared cameras, combined with AI-trained algorithms, are, according to Idemia, designed to deliver unrivalled performance. The device is fully hygienic and frictionless,  and there is no need to stop and fix the device, as it automatically adapts to the size of the person (120-200cm) and tolerates facial angles.  It is engineered for accuracy ad speed and can be used by up to 30 people per minute, and with up to 40,000 users.

It is effective in all lighting conditions, full sun or total darkness for example, without the need for any dazzling flash, and it is engineered to work with all skin colours.  Additionally, it is resistant to identity theft attempts by photo presentation or 3D masks.

Idemia already received a similar Award in 2018 for Morphowave Compact, a biometric device that can scan and verify four fingerprints in less than a second thanks to a totally contactless and hygienic hand gesture.

This new Award, this time for a facial recognition device, demonstrates Idemia’s position in the field of contactless biometrics for security applications.

"We did not develop the most advanced terminal just for the sake of the innovation challenge, but because it was necessary to meet all needs expressed by our customers: speed, accuracy, reliability and a true frictionless user experience. Since its launch last May, we have experienced a strong demand for Visionpass. Combined with this prestigious SIA award, this is indeed a true reward for all our teams who worked on this new product. Today, with Visionpass and Morphowave, we offer the most powerful contactless biometric offer on the market." said Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of the Biometric Devices & Automotive Business Unit at Idemia.

"SIA congratulates Idemia on being selected as the winner of the Biometrics category award in SIA’s 2020 New Product Showcase. It is this kind of continuous innovation and drive to succeed that brings the security industry forward and contributes to the safety and security of our world."  said SIA CEO Don Erickson.


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