Harnessing solar power to solve the challenges of remote locations

San Juan Capistrano, Ca

KBC have been offering solar power kits for over 25 years

The prospects of deploying surveillance hardware at a remote site likely conjures an uneasy conversation with the end customer for many installers and integrators — alerting them to the necessity for expensive trenching and wire-pulling to position cameras at distant endpoints.  However, KBC offers a solution that can meet these challenges head on and, which can also be achieved at a much keener price point.

With specialist experience in this field, KBC Networks uniquely understands the various challenges with these types of installations and can offer a simple cost-saving alternative. KBC has been providing its Renewable Energy Solar Power Kits — specially engineered to support all devices needing power at isolated areas — for more than 25 years.

These kits are conservatively specified and built to eliminate the threat of power outages in the shorter days of the winter months because the kits are sized to a site’s specific needs and requirements.

Because all necessary components are built-in, there is no lost tech time on site trying to figure out how to assemble and wire the various items to complete the solution.

Designed for PoE, PoE+ and HPoE-powered security equipment, these fully assembled power kits come ready to apply batteries (sealed lead acid or lithium iron phosphate) and mount.

If there is a requirement to mount additional equipment, then there is an included backplate and DIN rail. Two different sizes of lockable enclosures are available, supporting up to several days of stored power.

To determine the size of the solar panel and battery required in the geographical zone, KBC offers a remote power estimator, and battery and solar input mobile diagnostics are also offered via an app for Android and IOS devices.

Calculating solar panel power is not an exact science, with many environmental variables that cannot be controlled. For this reason, the company also offers affordable wind turbines that can provide additional power charging for remote project sites.


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