First self monitored alarm system with Alexa built in

Atlanta, Ga (USA)

The new self-installed, all-in-one Smart Home Security offering from Honeywell has been designed for simple set up and to allow for awareness of what's happening in and around a consumer's home.

First shown to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early this year, Honeywell's offering is thought to be a first-of-its-kind security system with Amazon Alexa built into the device, and it can be upgraded and customised with accessories to fit specific user needs for the comfort and security of the home. Honeywell Smart Home Security initially launched through Indiegogo's Enterprise Crowdfunding service in a campaign that allowed Honeywell to engage directly with technology enthusiasts to gain feedback that informed product development and input on how the system can continue to expand to meet people's needs.

"More than 150 million homeowners already trust Honeywell products and technologies to keep their families safe, secure and comfortable," said Jennifer Bonuso, vice president and general manager, Consumer Products, Honeywell Homes. "Honeywell Smart Home Security sets up in just minutes and makes it easy to know what's happening whether you're home, working late at the office or traveling across the country on vacation. Amazon Alexa is built right in for voice assistance, multi-room sensors keep track of movement throughout the home, and the DIY setup is customisable to what you need."

The cornerstone of the Honeywell Smart Home Security system is a Camera Base Station with an integrated 1080p wide-angle HD camera that is capable of night vision and 145-degree viewing. The system features facial recognition with mobile app notifications so you can know when your child has arrived safely home from school or when a caretaker has arrived. The Camera Base Station is integrated with Alexa, the voice service from Amazon, and includes a high-quality speaker and a microphone array for hands-free voice control. Easy to set up out of the box, the system is primarily controlled through the Honeywell Home app or your voice, and can serve as a home automation hub to control other connected Z-Wave devices in your home.

"We're excited to work with Honeywell to bring the power of voice to its innovative Smart Home Security system," said Pete Thompson, vice president, Alexa. "With the new product, customers can help keep their loved ones safe at home while taking advantage of all that Alexa has to offer, including access to information like weather and traffic, controlling smart home devices, access to tens of thousands of skills, and more."

Honeywell Smart Home Security features add-on accessories like door and window contact sensors, indoor motion sensors that can alert you of movement, and indoor and outdoor Motion Viewers that can alert you of movement and provide a short video clip to your mobile device.

Audio and video self-monitoring is available directly through the Honeywell Home app, which allows consumers to view all their Honeywell connected home products in one integrated app


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