Facial recognition camera reads body temperature

San Dimas, Ca

Bolide Technology Group has released a touchless access control camera with facial recognition which also offers the capability of reading the body temperature of the person attempting access.

As a result this camera can be used to prevent persons with abnormal body temperatures from entering the workplace, or for example, to prevent anyone not wearing a facial mask.

Bolide's new BN-2600ACTC access control camera is a new touchless device that arms any facility with access control while minimizing contact at the workplace, helping avoid the spread of germs and viruses.

An on-board camera with facial recognition technology instantly identifies employees while reading abnormal body temperature to prevent sick employees from entering. All these features are packaged in a sleek device, designed to enhance security in any business.

The main features of the Bolide BN-2600ACTC include automatic no-contact temperature reading and face recognition; detection of persons without masks; push alarm; high temperature alarm; 1080P video resolution; 4mm fixed lens; and it supports the Internet Explorer browser.


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