Eagle Eye launches Camera Direct Complete

Austin, Tx

The recently launched Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete is an economical direct-to-cloud solution, designed for customers who only need a few cameras per location and want to minimize their initial investment.

Camera Direct Complete introduces a new pricing option where the camera is included as part of the VMS (video management system) subscription. Cameras are connected directly to the cloud without the need for an Eagle Eye Bridge. Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete cameras can be added to existing accounts or new accounts. Camera Direct Complete includes nearly all the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS features, including AI-based Smart Video Search, Smart Layouts, and more.

Key benefits of Camera Direct Complete include:

● Reduced Setup Fees and Capital Expenditure: Lower initial cost for a fully featured cloud VMS

● Lifetime Warranty: Cameras are guaranteed for life provided the subscription is maintained

● Flexible Subscription Length: Monthly, annual or multi-year subscription available

● Supported Cameras: Full range of Eagle Eye dome, turret, and bullet cameras

● Simple Installation: Less on-site equipment means faster installs

Security integrators who have tested Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete say the pricing model, ease of installation, and worry-free lifetime warranty are ideal for their customers who have four or fewer cameras per site.

“The installation is painless; within five minutes the camera is online and we’re good to go,” said Brian Hampton, president of Georgia-based security installation firm Vigilant Technology. “Camera Direct Complete gives us the ability to offer an even lower initial set-up fee and affordable subscriptions to get customers in the door, and as a result, they get a powerful video management system at a very reasonable price point.”

Security industry experts say businesses are rapidly adopting cloud video surveillance and they’re also looking for flexible payment options.

“More integrators are moving to RMR subscription-selling to generate a predictable revenue stream and build the value of their businesses. We're seeing a growing demand in the marketplace for video surveillance systems that reduce upfront costs and transition most of the cost to subscription," said Matt Barnette, CEO of PSA Security. "Products that minimize those upfront costs while providing powerful technology give integrators and business customers more flexibility, while offering integrators the opportunity to increase RMR."

"Flexibility is a core benefit of cloud video surveillance," said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. "Camera Direct Complete meets the needs of a sector of the business world and delivers an additional revenue-generating opportunity to our valued resellers."

Camera Direct Complete is already available in the US, Latin America, and Europe; it is planned to be available in Canada by the end of Q2, and Asia Pacific availability is set for Q3 of this year.


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