Decision making aid enables long-term entrance planning

Lillington, NC

Boon Edam has released a new solution mapping tool called Boonselect, that breaks down the complex entry selection process and helps decision makers choose the right entrance solutions for their unique goals.

Boonselect features seven factors to consider prior to making an entrance decision. Boon Edam entry experts are trained on the right questions to ask as they walk a decision maker through each of the factors – all with the goal of helping their clients make the most well-rounded entrance choice.

The right security entrances for the right places

Being responsible for making the decision to implement new security turnstiles or revolving doors at a facility can be a challenge. Security and Facility Managers are responsible for the safety and security of all who enter a campus or facility via its entrances. And each entrance location has a different set of users, traffic levels, security requirements, environmental requirements, etc. Boonselect formalises the selection process, providing clarity, peace of mind and confidence in an investment that can last ten or more years.

Seven entrance decision factors

Boonselect outlines the seven decision factors the company suggest should be considered prior to an entrance implementation, including, strategy; throughput; security; safety; aesthetics; technology; comfort; and service.

“Boonselect is an efficient driver for starting productive conversations that our customers appreciate,” said JC Powell, Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam Inc. “A client will often ask for an entrance solution that does not meet the overall security goals or traffic requirements of their facility. Boonselect helps all the stakeholders explore what they don’t know and think about their overall risk posture, and eventually come to the best entrance decision for their unique facility or campus.”


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