Boon Edam joins up with Speclink

Lillington, NC

Speclink is a cloud-based tool designed to streamline workflow, improves collaboration and increases productivity.

Boon Edam's most in-demand entrance products are now available on Speclink, an online specification platform to help architects, engineers, specifiers, building owners and designers simplify and improve their approach to creating and collaborating on building project specifications.

Speclink is a cloud-based tool created by Building Systems Design, Inc. that streamlines workflow, improves collaboration and increases productivity by bringing stakeholders in the building design process together through a common specification document. The process of creating a building specification is simplified by presenting a comprehensive, generic specification template that allows users to specify by simply “turning on” content to be included in the specification and selecting the manufacturer’s products and options.

Speclink allows users to add, modify, or delete text without affecting the master content; to create new paragraphs or sections in the specification using built-in templates; to create custom templates; and to export a specification to a word processing or PDF file format.

Speclink is unique in the market in that it enables “editing by selection”, which can offer reduced spec production time by up to 70%. There are over 820 sections already included in Speclink which can be expanded or collapsed, and included or not included in a spec, to provide outline, short form, and full construction specs, without the need to start over at each phase of the project. There are also hundreds of links out to manufacturer websites enabling specifiers to quickly get access to detailed drawings and brochures on products, AIA educational sessions, and more in a single click.

According to Boon Edam, Speclink currently has over 23,000 users across North America.


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