A focus on the benefits of cloud video storage

Buffalo Grove, Il

By deploying BCD’s cloud-ready video appliances and Harmonize Bridge integrated with Wasabi’s low-cost hot cloud storage, companies can continue to run their existing VMS and store, manage and protect their critical video data both on-premises and in the cloud while never running out of space.

Here BCD Video outlines 5 key benefits of using a BCD and Wasabi hybrid cloud solution.

The simplicity is the first point to highlight. Unlike legacy cloud storage services with confusing storage tiers and complex pricing schemes, BCD’s Harmonize Bridge paired with Wasabi is extremely easy-to-use, implement, and incredibly cost-effective to scale.

The pairing offers optimal performance, as Wasabi’s highly parallelised system architecture delivers an impressive read/write performance where users can gain instant access to video files.

In addition, Wasabi’s intuitive S3-like web console means that users can create storage buckets, set up users, configure access policies in no time and move files in and out of the cloud with drag-and-drop simplicity and convenience.

Total cost of ownership is reduced, whilst at the same time the solution is space saving. Users are able to move rarely accessed video files that consume a lot of space to the cloud to reduce the number of physical appliances needed, lower the overall total cost of ownership and make more room for current data.

Security and regulatory compliance offer assurance – Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is designed with 11 nines of data durability and immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, creating added peace of mind for security professionals.


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