3xlogic to present latest gunshot detection technology at ISC West

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Next week at ISC West in Las Vegas, 3xlogic will be demonstrating innovative security solutions, including its new Gunshot Detection Solution, which was named best new product in the Law Enforcement/Public Safety/Guarding Systems category of the 2021 SIA New Product Showcase.

Rather than utilising microphones, infrared sensors, or complex analytics, the self-contained device relies on simple concussive force recognition sensors to detect gunshots. When a gun is fired, the bullet creates a shockwave as it exits the barrel of the gun and travels through the air. This shockwave creates a unique concussive force that the 3xlogic solution is able to detect.

Because the solution can be integrated with video, access control, and intrusion systems, it can provide early alerting and insights into an event, allowing first responders to de-escalate an active shooter situation quickly.

3xlogic will also be demonstrating Vigil Cloud, which expands the company’s ecosystem into the cloud with features designed to harness the power, scalability, and ease of use that are all hallmarks of cloud services. Building on 20-plus years of experience recording and managing video, Vigil Cloud provides end users with the ability to view, manage, and share video fromanywhere, at any time, on any device.

The company will also be showcasing its License Plate Capture camera, which is designed for scaled-down applications in which post-event investigations require precise imaging to identify license plates. The VX-5M20-B-RIAL camera offers remote zoom lens, 5MP resolution, and a visible light lens filter that allows IR light band to pass. This allows the camera to effectively and accurately capture license plates day or night for video review post-event.


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