Tyco launches mentoring scheme for industry start-ups

Cork, Ireland

Tyco is opening new innovation centres aimed at solving broader customer problems while championing startups in security, fire protection and smart connected technologies. The first centres are operating in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, with more centres planned for other locations later this year.

"We're constantly looking for smarter solutions to customers' challenges, and increasingly those solutions go beyond a fire protection or security purpose to improve their overall operations and advance their core mission," said Daryll Fogal, Tyco's Chief Technology Officer. "Tyco's innovation centres will be at the heart of this drive, combining local vibrant startup cultures with Tyco's expertise and global business to spur growth through innovation. We plan to partner with or invest in the most promising startups with successful pilots, bringing new disruptive technologies to Tyco's products and services portfolio," added Mr. Fogal.

The commercialisation programme at the Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv centre provides entrepreneurs with an accelerated go-to-market platform, an opportunity to collaborate with Tyco's business units and access to the company's vast network of installed systems and devices, spanning diverse markets and customers in over 200 countries. Tyco is sponsoring startups with innovative applications in the areas of smart cities, buildings and homes, retail, and commercial properties. Specific areas of interest include Internet of Things; retail/store solutions; sensing and detection; image processing, tracking and location; machine intelligence; and big data.

"The energy, technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of our startup ecosystems create innovative companies," said Eli Gorovici, General Manager of Tyco's Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv. "We have already identified a number of startups with breakthrough technologies for this programme to nurture."

The six-month acceleration programme comprises a Tyco-funded roadshow and introduction to relevant Tyco business units, collaboration with Tyco's industry experts and/or customers, co-specification of project scope and pilot programme, and implementation of the pilot for several months with Tyco's guidance and mentoring.

"This programme is a great opportunity for startups in the right spaces to work with the global market leader in fire and security, leverage our know-how and customer insights, and scale up on a global stage," Mr. Gorovici noted.

The company has also launched Tyco Innovation Garage facilities in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. These centres team Tyco's internal R&D capabilities with partners and stakeholders inside and outside the company to focus on solving complex customer problems by applying advanced technologies and sensor-based analytics.

"We plan to bring digital experience to the physical environment," said Anurag Maunder, Vice President, Tyco Innovation Garage. "When combined with our expertise in sensors for security and safety, new generation technologies such as deep learning and 3D vision will fundamentally transform people's daily experience."


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