Suprema showcases industrial solutions in Vegas

Seoul, Korea and Las Vegas, Nv

At ISC West, Suprema is geared up to demonstrate use cases across various industry verticals.

Suprema is presenting a preview of its third-generation product portfolio as well as displaying comprehensive industrial use cases for access control solutions at the ISC West show in Vegas this week.

The new generation of Suprema access control products focuses heavily on contactless solutions. The star of the exhibit is the Biostation 3, an all-in-one access control solution that provides multiple credential options from facial recognition and mobile access to QR codes, barcodes, and RFID cards. Biostation 3 will be released in the second half of the year.

Suprema’s Biostar 2 is an open web-based integrated security platform widely used in facilities where enhanced security is a business priority, including data centers, construction sites, offices, hospitals, and educational facilities.

Suprema continuously increases its global partnerships to provide innovative integrations to enterprise platforms for video, access control, visitor management, and cloud providers. This enables the company to serve diversified customer groups with higher compatibility and integrated management of access control, biometrics, and video infrastructure. This and Suprema’s technical support provides comprehensive and ideal solution to customers globally.

“Suprema has innovative and integrated access control and biometric security solutions suitable for nearly every industry,” said Bob McKee, President of Suprema America. “As a world leader in biometrics as well as two decades of expertise in access control, Suprema is the best of breed for any commercial, industrial, or multi-tenant office space. Going forward, we will focus on increasing Suprema’s market share in North America by providing a quality product portfolio and excellent customer services.” 

Suprema's significant booth presence at the event this week is geared up to providing a platform to demonstrate use cases across various industry verticals. 


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