Strategic partnership offers energy efficient smart homes

Provo, Ut

Vivint Smart Home, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Freedom Forever, one of the country’s fastest growing residential solar system installers. The relationship between the two companies will help homeowners get a step closer to living in a smart home that generates as much energy as it uses.

Starting now, Freedom Forever customers will have a Vivint smart home system professionally installed as the first step in the solar installation process, and Vivint customers will have an immediate opportunity to add clean energy production to their homes through Freedom Forever. Vivint is currently developing an integration that will allow the Vivint system to tell the homeowner through its panel interface and app how much energy the panels are producing and how much energy the home is consuming. When used in conjunction with other energy-saving features like the Vivint Smart Thermostat, the companies believe homeowners will be better enabled to make smarter decisions about their energy usage.

“Joining forces with Freedom Forever broadens our offering and provides value to customers who are worried about the environment and skyrocketing energy costs,” said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint. Bywater was previously the CEO of Vivint Solar (acquired by Sunrun), which is the exclusive provider of solar power purchase agreements for both Vivint and Freedom Forever. “This partnership gives me great confidence that we can deliver our customers a truly integrated smart home and energy offering.”

“We are excited about combining two premier services through this partnership with Vivint,” said Brett Bouchy, CEO of Freedom Forever. “Smart Energy is a significant value add that will help customers realise savings sooner and empower them to take control of the environment in and around their home.”

Vivint adding solar to its product offering comes at a time when the company has set its sights on deepening its relationship with homeowners. The company believes that providing a clean energy option as part of its suite will give consumers confidence their homes are not only secure, but also energy efficient—an ever-increasing concern for homeowners as many regions battle extreme summer temperatures.


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