PSA adds Viisights to approved partner line up

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PSA, one of the World's largest consortiums of professional systems integrators, has added Viisights to its approved list of technology partners. Viisights adds behavioural recognition systems for real-time video intelligence to the PSA offerings.

“PSA is excited to be able to offer such an in-depth and advanced AI service to our integrators,” said Chris Salazar-Mangrum, PSA’s vice president of technology partners. “Viisights is providing a technology that takes video surveillance to the next level and allows our integrators to advance their clients’ video analytics results. Our partnership with Viisights is an example of how we aim to elevate the industries we serve through our relationships with industry-leading products and solution providers.”

Viisights developed technology that allows video surveillance systems to provide information on what subjects in the captured video feed are doing. Its system analyses real-time data to determine unique information for behavioural results of objects. These results assist in reviewing past and harmful activity as well as help to predict potential risks and hazards. viisights’ products and solutions have been utilised in a wide variety of markets such as smart cities, transportation hubs, enterprise and educational campuses, critical infrastructures and banking and financial sectors.

“Partnering with PSA is a very important step to expand and establish our US presence,” said Pat Aiello, Viisights’ vice president of sales and business development in North America. “With PSA, we will quickly introduce to the market highly advanced, complete and affordable video analytics for helping with daily security, safety and environmental challenges.”

A benchmark in video intelligence, Viisights' behavioural analytics provide systems integrators with a new and unique selling proposition for existing and potential customers that will lead to business growth. Viisights personnel will be at ISC East in November to discuss these opportunities in one-on-one meetings with potential technology partners and systems integrators. The company offers extensive support for integrators including project registration, price protection to protect and secure bids, engineering, design and implementation support, installation documentation and setup tools, training and certification for technical staff, application consulting for specialised projects, software demo licenses and more.

“Viisights leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate human-like pattern prediction, creating fully autonomous video intelligence systems,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO at Viisights. “We go further than simple object recognition by analszing full-motion video for objects and their behaviour in the context that they operate in. Our real-time behavioural analytics transform video streams into actionable insights by autonomously recognising behaviours that demand immediate attention, allowing customers to be more proactive.”

In this first phase, Viisights will be offering PSA integrators to resell its flagship product, Viisights Wise, which is sold today for on-premises configuration. Later in 2022, Viisights is planning to release Wise fully as a SaaS product.


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