New survey explores use of AI in surveillance cameras

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The survey offers interesting insight into AI technology applications, for example, that 90% of LPR usage is primarily for reasons other than security. Image supplied by Eagle Eye Networks

The new Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Surveillance Camera Worldwide Statistics report for 2023 offers data about security camera usage and an insight into how AI is used in cloud video surveillance across the globe.

The report analyses aggregate data from a sample set of 200,000 security cameras, in 100 countries, connected to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system). Included in the report are 175 different camera manufacturers, and thousands of organisations such as corporate enterprises, retail businesses, restaurants, warehouses, industrial, educational, healthcare and hospitality facilities, and multifamily residences.

Some of the highlights on the applications and usage of the surveillance cameras were found to be as follows: 

● 90% of License Plate Recognition (LPR) use is primarily for reasons other than security.

● As a result of highly accurate License Plate Recognition technology, 33% of organisations using LPR use a “free flow” system (no gated stopping point) to capture license plates while the car is in motion.

● The use of 4MP security cameras jumped 250% YOY in 2022 compared to 2021.

● 74% of businesses that use security cameras with two-way audio use a connected IP speaker for communication, while 26% use a security camera with built-in two-way audio capabilities.

● As large enterprises move to the cloud, many are opting for a hybrid approach. 44% in 2022 use a combination of cloud and on-premise retention.

● Security cameras use AI to detect vehicles 72% of the time in the Americas, compared to 57% of the time in Europe.

● Security cameras in Europe use AI to detect people 37% of the time, compared to 24% of the time in the Americas.

“For this first time, the report includes a snapshot of how AI is being leveraged in cloud video surveillance, and how businesses are deploying license plate recognition,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “AI will have a tremendous impact on the use of video surveillance in the coming years. This report is intended to provide real data and trends analysis for organisations that are investing in a new or upgraded cloud video surveillance system.”


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