Boon Edam tailors online resources for global markets

Lillington, NC

With Global coverage to better serve customers in 20 subsidiary countries and 50+ other countries around the globe, Boon Edam has been working behind the scenes to develop tailored local web coverage for its clients, built on the latest web technologies to offer a unified experience for today’s customers, who are on the move with a variety of devices.

The new online resources are designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate to the products or services they need. With one or two clicks, customers can drill into a product page, read a short description, browse operational videos, and view a quick summary of the product’s specifications, such as dimensions, electrical requirements, throughput, finishes and more. All product documentation can be downloaded from convenient links located on each page.

In addition, for those customers seeking “touchless” or “contactless” entrances that operate automatically as a building requirement post-Covid-19, each Boon Edam website features a special page with a variety of secured, automatic entry solutions.

There are thousands of customers around the world with Boon Edam entrances installed in their buildings, and those responsible for maintaining the entry may not have a direct relationship with Boon Edam. The new websites feature several pages that make it easier than ever for these stakeholders to find Boon Edam in their local language and location and get in touch with a company representative to determine the best service options tailored to their budget and schedule. Customers can choose services ranging from a preventative maintenance checkup to a comprehensive service agreement with discounts on labour and parts (limited to certain regions).

Resources to empower

Aside from product information, Boon Edam continues to put an emphasis on educating its customers to make the best entrance decisions for their unique facilities. Each website offers a variety of educational materials such as whitepapers, customer installation case studies, and blogs. Together, these resources focus on topics related to differentiating between security entrance types, selection criteria, fulfilling government regulations, and more.

“As marketing technology continues to evolve, we are given the opportunity to better serve our customer base with an enhanced user experience and more relevant information in one location,” says Michelle Wortel, Global Marketing Manager, Royal Boon Edam International BV. “We have a wide amount of knowledge, as well as guidance to finding the right entrance solution fit for the customer’s needs, which can be easily accessed across our new websites.”


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