ADT partners with Uber to provide safety for riders and drivers

Boca Raton, Fl

ADT has partnered with Uber to integrate ADT mobile safety solutions into the Uber app for riders and drivers. Uber users in the United States can now get live help, via phone or text, from ADT professional monitoring agents.

According to ADT, Uber joins a growing number of enterprise customers that utilise the company's Safe technology to power their app-based mobile safety features. The Safe by ADT platform seamlessly integrates with app-based service providers to help protect millions of gig economy workers and patrons, providing them with access to reassurance and emergency services, powered by ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring.

“Uber’s partnership with ADT is a powerful endorsement of Safe by ADT and the trust they place in us to help protect riders and drivers who use its platform,” said Peter Skeadas, Director of Business and Corporate Development at ADT. “It also establishes ADT as a partner of choice when it comes to keeping mobile workers and patrons safe and continues to expand our presence beyond the home.”

Uber’s “Live Help from a Safety Agent” feature, powered by Safe by ADT, is fully integrated into the Uber app. Anyone who uses Uber can access ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring while on a trip by tapping on the Safety Toolkit, and can receive reassurance if they are feeling uncomfortable during their ride or request emergency response, if needed.

Once a call or text exchange is initiated, an ADT agent can monitor an ongoing trip, stay in contact throughout the trip, and call 911 on the user’s behalf with key trip details, such as the vehicle’s make, model, license plate number and GPS location. In an emergency, providing these details directly to 911 is critical to saving time when every second matters.

“Being able to provide safety services from a recognisable and trusted brand like ADT in our Safety Toolkit will be invaluable in helping Uber users navigate uncomfortable situations,” said Rebecca Payne, Lead Safety Product Manager at Uber. “This new feature will give users additional peace of mind knowing that ‘Live Help from a Safety Agent’ is available right in the app whenever they need it.”


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