Zotech Magic Box enables AI in existing scenarios

Taipei, Taiwan

Zotech, is a an engineering house established since July 2014,which aims to engage in AI System Integration solutions as a service provider. A spin-off company from Zero One Tech -  a known distributor and supplier in  the field of IT and IPC, Zotech sets out to provide comprehensive services with excellent product design in order to meet a variety of on demand customer requirements. 

Zotech has enlisted a wide array of OEM/ODM partners, and its networking product market coverage encompasses North America, Europe, China, Asia and the Middle East. For the growing market demands on AI, Zotech has launched the Magic Box series to help domain users to easily and effortlessly use AI inside their present scenarios, without going to the cloud.

The Magic Box is offered as an inference black-box for essential AI.  It loads the pre-configured AI models, as links into an existing system, and immediately begins the AI journey. With the Magic Box, users can easily configure to many sources of input, such as data, voice, images from USB, x-ray, microphones, IP cameras, etc. and can output to displays, speakers, RS-485/232 devices, metadata-logs, Rest API, and more. Thus, with existing surveillance cameras and NVRs, the Magic Box can be used as a "magic eye" to turn the typical surveillance system into an AI intelligent monitoring solution. Further, with audio source inputs, the Magic Box can be applied as a "magic ear" to help monitor health detection, noise reduction, and many others scenarios that may apply.

With more than 20 years of networking and embedded experience, Zotech has constantly striven for innovation and the achievement of advanced technologies so as to provide simple and convenient products that meet public expectations.


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