Total RTS live streaming solution for surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan

RT Stream International (branded as RTS), founded in 2015, focuses on providing live streaming security solutions for all sectors, especially in law enforcement, fire departments and smart city.

In addition the company specialises in high resolution live streaming, 4G mobile camera features multi-audio modes(PTT/broadcasting/conference mode with all devices), emergency alarms(SOS/fall detection/count-down/low battery alert), in & out door positioning and check-in & out management.  Sony sensors create effective low lux performance with full colour high resolution images in extremely dark situations.

All data, audio, and high resolution video are directed through 4G/wifi in real time to platforms, apps and any remote platform (PC client), enabling unlimited supervisors to view all situations at the same time. The RTSolution has multi-servers that effectively organise features for the mobile cameras, enabling customers to bring in AI and customisation for improved surveillance.

With over 20-years experience, the R&D team from RT Stream are develop 4G body worn devices and total solutions including customised Cloud server platforms. RTS's total solution based on 4G mobile cameras and RTSolution (Cloud Server Platform) is ideal for the applications in areas such as homeland security, military, law enforcement, fire, smart city, investigation, security, etc. surveillance with live streaming is required.


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