New cyber secure cloud video management system

Langmeil, Germany

With the Mobotix Cloud, the company is launching its new cyber-secure cloud video management system, available via a flexible software subscription.

The Mobotix VSaaS offering (Video Surveillance as a Service) enables complete video management of local cameras via an App. The data is stored in stable cyber secure cloud data centres in regional proximity to the cloud users. "The market launch of the Mobotix cloud is another important step for us as a complete solution provider for security-relevant video management systems for our customers. Together with our technology partners, we plan, develop, install and support high-end video solutions. In this way, we optimise our customers' business and make it more secure without requiring them to invest additional technical, time or personnel resources", explains Mobotix CEO Thomas Lausten.

The Mobotix Cloud solution includes - in addition to the Mobotix Bridge hardware component - all services available in a conventional VMS: event-controlled video recording, archiving, live remote access to each camera, notifications, user administration, Internet security and more. Mobotix Cloud is available with a monthly subscription model, thus saving on own storage devices, additional video servers and IT personnel for the video system.

"Each camera communicates with a securely encrypted outgoing connection with the Mobotix Bridge, a compact high-security connection box. A single bridge can be connected to up to 15 ONVIF-S network cameras. With several bridges per site, the number of connected cameras can be expanded as needed," explains Hartmut Sprave, CTO of Mobotix AG. The bridge streams the video data to the Mobotix Cloud, enables intelligent bandwidth management and, thanks to the integrated hard disk, also local buffering of the video in case of bandwidth fluctuations. In addition, network failures of up to 48 hours can be bridged. All video recordings are secure and stored per camera for a freely definable archiving period and resolution in private Mobotix data centres."

The top priority for Mobotix was to provide cyber secure connections to regionally available Mobotix Cloud data centres for its own cloud solution. Secure end-to-end encryption protects all data stored and transferred in the system. And the integrated hard disk in the Mobotix Bridge serves as a storage buffer in case of interrupted or poor connections to the cloud.

The Mobotix Cloud video management system combines comprehensive security with a scalable infrastructure. It is suitable for video systems of all sizes. The cloud solution is ideal and easy to manage, especially for projects with a large number of different locations and users. Even for private users, the cloud provides easy access to the use of a video security system.


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