Mobile Bridge Configurator simplifies management & troubleshooting

Austin, Tx (USA)

Eagle Eye Networks has released a Mobile Bridge Configurator, a new feature of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS App, designed to make the configuration and troubleshooting of cloud video surveillance systems even easier and faster than before for resellers.

Traditional video security systems require lots of onsite hardware, are often complicated installations, and can require constant software maintenance and management. Eagle Eye Networks was created to help make video security easier for everyone.

Unlike many cumbersome traditional systems, an Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance system offers enterprise-grade performance that’s easy to deploy and remotely manage, and seamlessly integrates with third-party systems. The only hardware needed is the Eagle Eye Bridge, a small onsite device that implements cyber security measures both on-premises and in the cloud transmission to ensure video is secure and encrypted with the highest reliability.

With the new Mobile Bridge Configurator, resellers can set a static IP address of a bridge using a USB cable and a mobile phone or tablet. There is no need for resellers to bring a keyboard and monitor to the jobsite. In addition, the new Mobile Bridge Configurator facilitates troubleshooting and diagnostics, and it automates the log-sharing process. It is available in IOS or Android.


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