Ksenia releases new Vox outdoor siren

Ripatransone, Italy

The new sounder is available in two variants the more comprehensive Vox-M, and the basic version Vox-C.

 The new Vox from Ksenia is offered as an innovative and well-designed device with a powerful sounder to alert users of external intrusions.

This robust outdoor siren is available in two different versions, according to user requirements: the most complete variant Vox-M, and the basic version Vox-C.

Based on advanced technology, Vox-M can produce, in addition to the mono or two-tone sound, personalised vocal messages previously configured during installation.

It is equipped with two multi-colour RGB LEDs and a central high brightness LED, which are fully programmable and manageable by various scenarios.

In addition, the siren also features automatic monitoring of the battery status, and, there is a built-in temperature sensor, with the option of displaying in real time on the Ksenia keypads or on the Lares 4.0 App.

Vox-M is engineered to be able to cope with any attempted damage such as sabotage, foam, opening and removal from the wall.

With simplified electronics, Vox-C is an optimal device to prevent thefts at home: it produces an acoustic dual-tone buzz alert, and it is protected against tampering attempts.

Further features include 3 orange LEDs, a real time battery charge level indicator and a temperature sensor.

The outdoor sirens Vox-C and Vox-M will be displayed at the Security Essen fair, next week, from September the 20th to the 23rd, together with the other latest high-tech products released by Ksenia.


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