Joint solution from Axis and Agent Vi

Lund, Sweden and Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel

Agent Vi has partnered with Axis to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions for real-time event detections and alerts, video investigation and business intelligence applications.

As a longtime member of Axis Communications Technology Integration Program, Agent Vi has been solving complex customer problems since 2005, enabling customers to maximize their surveillance investments.

Innovi is Agent Vi’s feature-rich AI- powered video analytics software platform. Innovi provides a broad set of highly sophisticated video analytics capabilities for enhanced security and safety, and is available as a cloud-based SaaS or as an on-premise software, offering capabilities that meet the needs of just about any Axis customer.

Innovi is an open architecture video analytics software platform which is applicable to any surveillance system. Its scalable robust architecture is applicable to installations of all sizes, with any number of cameras across multiple distributed sites, while offering the most attractive TCO. As a mission-critical Cloud platform, Innovi was designed to provide high service availability, full redundancy, seamless automated backups and upgrades and 24/7 network & camera health monitoring. Customers who choose to deploy Innovi locally (on-premise) still benefit from the same Cloud-architecture advantages.

With deep knowledge gained over numerous successful Axis- Agent Vi deployments globally, Agent Vi has optimised Innovi to work seamlessly with a wide range of Axis in-camera features, improving analytics accuracy and offering support for Axis video streaming features.

In addition, Agent Vi has developed customised integrations for some specialised Axis capabilities.  For example the combined solution is able to offer improved analytics accuracy, with enhanced Innovi forensic colour detection through expanded low light detection with Axis wide dynamic range; increased Innovi detection range with Axis image stabilisation; improved Innovi precision and tracking in concert with application of Axis auto white balance; and, Axis barrel correction.


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