Genetec Clear ID self-service ID & access system

Montreal, Canada

Genetec is set to launch Clear ID at GSX, Chicago

The new Genetec Clear ID system, is a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that standardises and enforces security policies to help make organisations more efficient, compliant and secure. Available in North America in September 2019, and globally in early 2020, Clear ID will be showcased at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Chicago, later this month.

From corporate offices and university campuses to highly regulated multinationals in the oil, gas, mining, and petrochemical industries, Clear ID removes the day-to-day complexities of managing individual cardholders, and access rights. Guided by an organisation’s existing policies, Clear ID automates workflows and self-service capabilities to enable a more fluid, efficient working environment for everyone – without compromising security.

By automating access rights management, Clear ID reduces bottlenecks related to managing employee and visitor access requests. Cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork related to granting people access to facilities or specific work areas can be streamlined with automated workflows allowing employees to make on-demand requests in the online portal. This means that managing day-to-day access needs, meeting compliance conditions, and ensuring policy updates become a more automated process.

“As a cloud-based service that’s built to work natively with Genetec Synergis access control security software, Clear ID can be deployed faster and more easily than an on-premises solution that typically requires complicated integrations and customisations,” says Jonathan Doyon, Genetec Product Group Director for Clear ID. “With less infrastructure, customers save both money and time by not having to maintain additional physical systems.”

A self-service physical identity and access management system, Clear ID enables employees to login to an online portal and make access requests directly to the area owner or supervisor. Employees control their own access requests which Clear ID automatically approves, denies, or routes on to an operator to review, based on corporate policies and automated workflows.

“The seamless movement of people throughout an organisation is integral to its efficiency and operations”, continued Mr. Doyon. “Genetec Clear ID is a smarter way to manage employee, visitor and contractor access rights – greatly enhancing the user experience, eliminating unnecessary overhead from administrators and helping standardise and codify security policies to make organisations more efficient, compliant, and secure.”

The initial release of Clear ID will help improve visitors’ experiences by providing a smoother, automated process that begins as soon as a meeting is arranged. Using a web portal, the employee (host) creates a profile for the visitor including the meeting details. The visitor in turn receives a confirmation email with a QR code that can be used to sign in once on site, print a badge and automatically advise the host of their arrival.


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