G&D launches biometric access key fob

Munich, Germany

Starsign key fob used as a physical access control device

Giesecke & Devrient (G+D) has unveiled the Starsign key fob as a unique biometric solution for employee access to company assets – at the highest security level, and yet in a convenient way.

Enterprises and employees alike find passwords and PINs to access corporate facilities or assets cumbersome, while being increasingly worried about its security. The Starsign key fob provides a state-of-the art alternative, which is both convenient and secure. It enables users to perform two-factor authentication, by using a single device and fingerprint identification – all in the coin-like dimensions of a key fob.

The Starsign key fob is the industry's unique biometric token that supports both logical and physical access control securely and seamlessly by supporting a wide range of communication channels including NFC, USB and Bluetooth Low Energy. It not only authenticates users while accessing desktop PCs, notebooks, workstations, tablet PCs, smartphones or IoT devices, but also authorises physical access to buildings, departments or offices. With this, the Starsign key fob covers many essential use cases in enterprise environments.

"Companies and their employees are looking for secure, convenient authentication solutions that eliminate the need for passwords and PINs, and can be used for various applications," emphasises Dr. Ferdinand Buriánek, Head of Public Sector, Transit and Enterprise Security related business of G+D. "The Starsign key fob is designed to satisfy this need completely. It combines highest security with great user experience – not either/or, but together."


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