Euresys stays ahead of the curve on Coaxpress-over-fibre

Seraing, Germany

Several companies, according to Euresys, are developing new cameras based on Coaxpress-over-fibre. To steal a march on this trend and to speed time to market by allowing camera manufacturers to become early adopters of the new protocol, Euresys has released a new series of IP Cores for either device/transmitter or host/receiver devices looking to fully implement the interface and underlying complete protocol.

In an effort to extend the benefits of Coaxpress to applications where traditional copper coaxial cables are reaching a ceiling in terms of speed, total bandwidth, weight and distance, Euresys is now promoting the new Coaxpress-over-fibre Bridge protocol. Originally developed by Euresys / Sensor to Image, Coaxpress-over-fibre is the result of the cooperation between the members of the Coaxpress Workgroup. The new standard has now been formally adopted and published by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) as a further enhancement to the widely adopted Coaxpress interface standard, allowing for broad industry adoption.

As the trend towards new camera developments using the Coaxpress-over-fibre protocol gains momentum, Euresys states that Vision Research, CIS Corporation, Vieworks and IO Industries have already been open about their forthcoming new product releases planned for this year.

To greatly speed time-to-market for new products based on Coaxpress-over-fibre from these camera makers, frame grabber manufacturers and embedded vision system developers, Euresys has also already released the first frame grabber to implement Coaxpress-over-fibre with the addition of the new Coaxlink QSFP+ to its already widely used Coaxlink series of frame grabbers.

In the coming months, according to the company, we are likely to see several more camera makers announcing new models based on the Coaxpress-over-fibre extension of the Coaxpress standard, which will see rapid adoption by the industry as a very high-performance interface over light weight and commonly available fibre optic cables and transceivers coming from the network environment. These widely available cables and components mean a much more cost-effective, reliable and non-proprietary fibre infrastructure for years to come.

“Through drafting and actively contributing to the Coaxpress-over-fibre vision standard, Euresys confirms its role as a Coaxpress leader. We are happy to bring to the market and the industry in general, the technological leverage that allows customers and partners to imagine new vision products and applications”, says Marc Damhaut, CEO at Euresys.


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