Effortless door control solves door access challenges

London, UK

Ass Abloy's Free-Motion technology combines the safety and protection of door closing technology with the comfort of a door which opens naturally and resistance-free — and may be left open at any angle.

When a door is equipped with a high-quality door closer, building users can feel safer. They know that fire doors shut tight and sensitive openings are protected against unauthorised entry. But sometimes, according to Assa Abloy, door closer technology can also create barriers to genuine access-for-all. The problem is greater still for users who — for whatever reason — have restricted strength or mobility.

Why? Because door closer resistance may be too great. Or the time before closing begins may be too short. Every user is different, with individual access needs or challenges. So, as a result, in solving one problem, some door closers accidentally create another. A Free-Motion Door Closer from Assa Abloy Opening Solutions can solve these challenges.

Free-Motion combines safety and convenience

“There is no longer any need to trade security with comfort,” says Arto Kolehmainen, Product Manager for Door Closers at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEIA. “A door fitted with an Assa Abloy Free-Motion Door Closer enjoys the best of both worlds.”

When a user or building manager activates Free-Motion technology, automatic door closing is disabled. Doors may be left open, allowing staff and visitors to circulate freely: The door opens weightlessly right up to its widest angle since Free-Motion activation.

Even heavy EN size 6 fire and smoke doors open easily. Everyone is able to move unhindered. At any time — in the event of a fire or other emergency, for example — Free-Motion operation may be stopped and doors once again close quickly after use. This can be done manually or, when integrated with a fire system, happens automatically when a threat is detected. As another layer of safety, every door fitted with Free-Motion technology shuts automatically when power is cut.

Flexible deployment and simple, tailored installation

“Assa Abloy Free-Motion technology gives building managers flexible control over almost any door in a building, without creating barriers to comfortable, convenient building use,” explains Arto Kolehmainen.

A Free-Motion Door Closer can fit directly to the door leaf or to the frame. The range includes closers for double doors and the option of an integrated smoke detector.

Like every Assa Abloy Door Closer, Free-Motion technology is robust and durable by design. Assa Abloy has designed it to meet all critical safety and fire standards. Closing speeds, stronger latch speeds and closing force are all adjustable to meet the demands of the specific door or location.

And an Assa Abloy Free-Motion Door Closer is built for more than just fire or smoke doors: Free-Motion technology adds time- or event-based flexibility to every opening.

“For example, closers may be active during office hours to allow easy circulation of people, then deactivated overnight, so a door closes automatically after each user passes through it,” Arto Kolehmainen adds, and concludes,  “Free-Motion Door Closers help to create a modern, flexible, barrier-free building."


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