A focus on the value of object monitoring technology

Hangzhou, China

Forgotten backpacks, misplaced boxes, missing shopping bags. We’ve all experienced at least one of these unfortunate events, mostly while travelling. With a large crowd of people, intensified by stress and exhaustion of travellers, forgotten things are not uncommon in many transport hubs.

Dahua Technology has produced just the right tool to address some of these common issues - the Dahua Wizmind Object Monitoring.

The benefits this technology can bring to an monitoring operation are numerous but here, Dahua highlights some of the most important.

Detection of at least 6 types of objects

Powered by deep learning algorithms, Dahua products like the Wizmind 5 Series offers accurate detection of 6 types of objects: luggage bag, backpack, box, shopping bag, bicycle and motorbikes. It allows up to 4 area rules per scene, and is able to detect up to 100 objects per second with up to 95% accuracy rate. In addition, Object Monitoring also supports customisation based on the customer’s requirements (e.g. wallet, mobile phone, safety hat, etc.).

Abandoned/missing objects

Object Monitoring also allows alarm linkage to send alerts to the staff and security personnel. Say a traveller during rush hour accidentally forgot one of his luggage bags at the waiting area of a railway station. The Wizmind 5 Series camera monitoring the scene can detect it in time and send an alert to the staff. After retrieving the item, the staff will then make a simple audio announcement to inform the traveller to claim it.

Likewise, if an object in the rule area has been removed, an alarm will be triggered and notifications will be sent to the control centre, allowing the security personnel to act in time accordingly to prevent any possible theft.

Useful to maintain free and unobstructed areas

If an object has been detected in the rule area and exceeded the preset time threshold, an alarm will be sent to the control centre, making this solution ideal for areas that must be free and unobstructed 24/7

Fire exits, for example, should be accessible at all times. Using Object Monitoring, users can draw the detection area on the monitored scene of a fire exit. When objects like bicycles or boxes are detected in the area for a long period of time, an alarm will be triggered to alert the security personnel to remove it and clear the scene. This intelligent feature can significantly help prevent accidents and ensure a clear evacuation path in case of fire emergency.

False alarm filter

False alarms caused by irrelevant objects like leaves, pets, and bright lights can adversely affect any monitoring operation. When using Object Monitoring, these objects are effectively filtered out, thus reducing the number of false alarms and allowing users to focus on real targets in the monitored scene.

Key takeaways

Detection of particular objects in the monitored scene not only can help people retrieve their lost or forgotten belongings, but can also help ensure safety in the area. Readily available tools like the Dahua Wizmind products equipped with Object Monitoring technology can effectively solve the common problems related to abandoned or missing items in various application scenarios such as railway stations and fire exits.


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