Turkish riviera resort discreetly upgrades security

Antalya, Turkey and London, UK

Visible security professionals on site are kept to a minimum to ensure a relaxed atomosphere.

G4S is providing an intelligent and unobtrusive integrated security solution at the popular Emelda Sun Club resort on the Turkish Riviera

In 2020 G4S began working with the Emelda Sun Club, an expansive holiday resort on the Turkish Riviera in Antalya City.

A popular resort with both Turkish and European holidaymakers seeking the sun on the Mediterranean coast, the Emelda is a large and open-plan holiday destination, with more than 400 hotel rooms, holiday villas, eight restaurants and nine bars. Emelda wanted to completely overhaul their security system to protect holidaymakers and the resort facilities from the most likely threats that the resort faces; unauthorised entry by land and by sea.

Detailed security plan

“We worked collaboratively with Emelda to assess the risks that the resort faces and the priority at all times is to ensure that the security operation is not overtly visible to those relaxing on holiday but is holistic,” said Tansu Tekten, Commercial Director for G4S in Turkey. “The resort is spread over a large area so we put together a very detailed security plan to ensure the safety of the guests, the employees and the facilities at all times.”

The entire resort is protected using video monitoring with data analysis capabilities. The system alerts G4S security professionals situated in a control room on site if it picks up any unusual behaviour.

Visible security professionals on site are kept to a minimum, with officers positioned at the hotel main entrance, the parking garage and other important perimeter vantage points. There are certain zones they do not enter, to ensure that the holiday resort maintains a relaxed atmosphere.

“All of our trained security professionals on site carry an android device with the G4S Turkey ‘cockpit’ app installed, through which they can enter reports and information that we monitor on behalf of Emelda,” said Tansu.

Radar monitoring

Radar cameras that can accurately scan and evaluate activity on the seashore or in the sea are positioned on eight-metre high steel poles at either end of the beach to protect the resort from threats entering the area from the sea. These could be unauthorised persons or vessels.

“If the radars pick up unusual activity, it sends an alert to a speed dome camera situated on raised land in the grounds,” said Tansu. “The dome camera turns to where the alert originated and zooms in, so that security professionals in the control room can investigate further and take the necessary action.”

Should it be required, a light system which is integrated with the video monitoring can turn on and illuminate the beach, if an alert is activated at night.

“Our ultimate aim is to provide peace of mind for Emelda, as well as a comfortable, safe environment for guests. Our risk-based approach working in partnership with Emelda means they have the appropriate security solution for their needs,” said Tansu.

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