Suprema takes top market share in the world - excluding China

Seoul, Korea

According to the latest report by researchers Omdia, Suprema ranks first in global market share, excluding China, in the field of biometric readers. Suprema is a provider of access control solutions, including biometric terminals.

In the Omdia Access Control Database 2021 Analysis, the research found that Suprema recorded a global market share of about 13% in the field of access control devices using biometric technology such as fingerprint and facial recognition, winning out against many global security companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Based on this strong brand power in the EMEA region, Suprema was pushed into first place for biometric readers in terms of global market share in 2020, not counting China, according to the Omdia market report.

The report also noted that more than 15 million mobile credentials were downloaded in 2020 and stressed that contactless access control measures have grown rapidly since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suprema was also selected as the number one brand in both the access control software sector and the mobile access card solution sector in a March 2021 survey by the international security publication A&S Magazine. Mobile access card solutions in particular, which were developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, have been multiplying at home and abroad due to the spread of decentralised identification (DID) and mobile identification cards, showing various possibilities for innovating new authentication methods.

"Suprema has grown into an integrated security platform provider that encompasses both hardware and software over the past 20 years since its foundation in 2000, and has solidified its leadership in the global market with seven overseas branches and 140 overseas partners," Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim said. "We will continue to evolve as a market leader in integrated security and access control through innovation in the field of AI, deep learning, and big data.".


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