Secure Logiq & Briefcam enter into technology partnership

Birmingham, UK

Secure Logiq and Briefcam are officially launching their new technological partnership at The Security Event this week in Birmingham, UK.

Secure Logiq and Briefcam have entered into a new technology partnership to better serve their shared customers. The partnership combines the benefits of Briefcam’s innovative video analytics solutions with Secure Logiq’s servers specifically designed for HD surveillance applications to create a powerful security solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“We always believe that security systems are made better when the components have been optimised to work together,” says Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes. “This collaboration is built on the mutual respect of the technical teams at Secure Logiq and Briefcam. We have worked together closely to create a portfolio of solutions that bring out the best in each other and are sure that this technology partnership will successfully bring huge advantages to our shared customers.”

“We understand that partnering with other industry-leading manufacturers increases value for our customers as they benefit from a more complete solution,” added Oren Zvulun, Managing Director – EMEA at Briefcam. “I’m certain that the hard work put in by both companies will result in more people leveraging the exponential potential of their security technology. This relationship builds on the best-of-breed technology that we both offer individually to create a compelling solution that will benefit users all over the world.”

The technology partnership is being officially launched at The Security Event in Birmingham, UK this week, to highlight the benefits users can find when combining video analytics with servers specifically designed for HD surveillance applications.

In addition to the live demonstrations at The Security Event, Secure Logiq and Briefcam have also teamed up for a free webinar to demonstrate how the manufacturers are working together to create better security systems. “The Security Event is a great way to show people how our systems work together, but we know that there are people who either won’t be able to join us in Birmingham or want to gain a deeper understanding of the technology,” notes Hughes. “Hosting a webinar will provide us with another opportunity to highlight this world-class security solution that has been optimised to deliver the highest levels of safety and analytics.”


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