Research singles out Everbridge as leader in fast moving CEM market

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In the near future, Frost & Sullivan anticipates significant investments in security ecosystem digitalisation for public and private organisations. As more devices are integrated, threats have become multi-faceted. Participants are expected to leverage advanced technologies that can improve their intelligence cycle and prepare them to respond to any digital or physical intrusion attempts. Furthermore, there will be an increase in the uptake of integrated command and control software that enables real-time, data-driven decision-making with better situational awareness and can perform various functions such as threat detection, preemptive surveillance, predictive policing, crime scene mapping, along with creating post-incident audit trails.

In the recently published study, “Frost Radar™: Command and Control Software for CNI, Airports, and Safe Cities, Global, 2021,” Frost & Sullivan identifies three key strategic imperatives that impact the security industry: geopolitical chaos, disruptive technologies, and innovative business models. Every company competing in the security space needs to address these imperatives proactively; failing to do so can lead to stagnation or decline. Successful companies overcome the challenges posed by these imperatives and leverage them to drive innovation and growth.

“Today, customers demand solutions that are inclusive and have an integrated approach toward security. Therefore, the enterprise search is on for solutions that can seamlessly combine diverse applications into a cohesive, networked, and highly efficient system,” said Himanshu Garg, Industry Principal, Security, at Frost & Sullivan. “Everbridge’s innovative approach with its Control Center product enables enterprises to maintain operational control through a single common operating picture while automating decision-making and compliance procedures to ensure that the appropriate process is followed for any given situation.”

Everbridge aids customers’ responses to keeping people safe and businesses running during public safety threats or critical business events through its CEM platform. The company continues to lead and grow by:

Providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology for handling a wide range of natural and man-made events such as extreme weather, workplace violence, active shooters, terrorism, IT and power outages, environmental discharges, critical equipment failures, medical emergencies, and social media attacks, among others.

Expanding upon its strategic business model. Subscription services account for more than 85% of its revenue with an over 90% customer and revenue retention rate, including over 6,100 global customers, ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 100, as well as the federal government and states. It also provides the national alerting system for entire countries.

Frost Radar: Command and Control Software for CNI, Airports, and Safe Cities, Global, 2021 offers results from an in-depth analysis built on a 360-degree research methodology where over a dozen companies were evaluated. The team of industry analysts identified 12 industry leaders excelling at innovation, most poised for growth and ripe for investment, and recognises them in the Frost Radar with insight into their innovative offerings, projected growth rates, strengths, and opportunities for the future.


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