Mobotix reveals new mid-term plan with focus on AI

Langmeil, Germany

At Mobotix, a new mid-term plan has been defined based on further market analysis and with more focused investments in selected profitable product areas and markets rather than volume focus. The market-leading Mobotix thermal technology is included in the new strategy e.g. early fire detection and has achieved five international certifications.

With the launch of the new Mobotix One video platform, Mobotix will focus on its core competencies and will in parallel invest in a significant growth plan for Vaxtor software solutions based on the achieved results past years and months. As a pioneer in decentralised video technology, Mobotix launched the first decentralized camera system on the market, which was considered a “computer with eyes”. AI and deep learning-based apps, which are developed and distributed by Vaxtor and also work efficiently with Mobotix hardware, are main parts of the future earnings drivers for Mobotix.

The innovative IoT camera platform Mobotix One aims to define new standards for business intelligence and automation applications. It is characterised by high robustness, quality and durability. At the same time, Mobotix One is open to any intelligent, AI- and deep learning-supported applications thanks to pre-installed apps and the option to install additional specific software.

According to the statement from the company, Mobotix will meet the increasing competition in the global mass market for video technology by focusing on increased AI and software sales demand in selective, sensitive and critical infrastructures and vertical areas, which could be described as niche markets, but with significant market potential. The focus will be on healthcare, industry/utilities, the public sector and transportation. Customers in these areas are already aware of the dangers that digital industrial espionage or hybrid attacks can cause and are prepared to invest in reliable and trustworthy systems to ensure the greatest possible security and optimization of processes and workflows. The current Mobotix projects with Stavanger University Hospital, Norway for deployment in healthcare facilities, for a solar park in the Murcia region in Spain or for the Federal Aviation Authority ( FAA ), USA are just three examples of customers that decided in favour of Mobotix solutions.


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