Mass notification market to see strong growth

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The global mass notification system market size is expected to reach USD 16.84 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 16.7% from 2019 to 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

A mass notification system allows users to contact a large number of people instantly with minimum efforts required by the initiator. In recent years, this system has overcome the disadvantages of conventional methods such as manual call trees, radio and television, and area alarms. Currently, the need to quickly alert people about emergencies has become pivotal and this has driven the adoption of such systems.

A mass notification system provides a wide range of benefits such as faster incident resolution and recovery by allowing the initiator to send messages to thousands of people in minimal time. It helps reduce communication costs by using a subscription-based pricing model and eliminating the need for hardware such as desktops. It also helps improve productivity & efficiency by reducing the time required to notify users and eliminate the need for sending notifications manually. Other benefits such as improved employee safety, better compliance tracking and reporting, and increased customer satisfaction are driving the growth of the market.

The adoption of a mass notification system has enabled enterprises to mitigate and manage risks. The system helps notify personnel beforehand, which helps avoid damages & the related costs and increase Return of Investment (ROI). Integration of voice and digital communication in mass notification system is one of the key trends in the market. A combination of reporting & analytics and cross-promotion of content with other agencies to enhance engagement & outreach are other trends in the market. Vendors in the market are focusing on providing such systems with single platform system integration. This would be done by integrating multiple communication channels on one platform.

Key findings from the report suggest there is an increasing need for strengthening an organisation’s ability to communicate with its employees during an emergency has driven the adoption of mass notification systems. The display of emergency broadcasts on digital signages such as display screens at public places to provide information to the public on a timely basis is one of the key trends in the market.

Researchers found that there is an Increasing adoption of mass notification systems in education and corporate sectors, which is driving the growth of the market, and geographically, the North American market accounted for the highest share of the market in 2018 down to the adoption of these systems in diverse industries.

The key competitors cited by the analysts as being active in this market are Blackberry Limited; Blackboard Inc.; Desktop Alert, Inc.; Eaton; Everbridge; Honeywell International Inc; Motorola Solutions, Inc.; Onsolve; Singlewire Software, LLC; Xmatters.


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