Doing things remotely with cloud-based solutions

Wiesbaden, Germany

Vanderbilt discusses the advantages of remote monitoring

By definition, remote management is managing a computer or a network from a remote location. Thanks to cloud technology, it has resulted in a society that is always connected.

Ultimately the emergence of the internet and the cloud has completely changed how people protect their property. It is common for many premises to manage and monitor from hundreds of miles away. At Vanderbilt, ACT365 and SPC Connect are the flagship solutions of the company's remote monitoring portfolio.  Here the company describes how cloud-based solutions can bring more convenience, as well as saving time and money.

For example, it can be essential to manage access in a building with various users, including employees, guests, cleaners, and more. With ACT365, users can have complete control of all features from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to monitor events, remotely unlock doors, and even disable users.

Remote access can be granted via two easy-to-use and efficient means - QR codes or PIN codes. Visitors to a property can be sent a QR code to their smartphone, giving them access during a set period. This convenience allows for the creation of instant access to premises using ACT365 from anywhere in the world. The recipient can then present the QR code to a QR reader during the validity granted access. Similarly, the user administers PIN codes to visitors to the property and decides who has access to which doors and when.

Meanwhile, a critical development of SPC Connect’s remote monitoring offering is delivering push notifications and audio and video verification. These factors greatly enhance a user’s ability to protect their premises and respond to any alarms instantly. For example, with audio verification enabled, the system user can review pre and post recorded audio associated with any system alarm, all through the mobile app. Live verification can also be enabled so as to allow the end-user to view live images and be able to talk and listen live to site.

Moreover, the speed and reliability of cloud-based solutions allow for the elimination of once laborious tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile or desktop devices. System users can even create email or push notifications for specific events from the web app, such as rejected entries, door left open, or low battery.

Essentially, remote monitoring boils down to providing ease of use and convenience. Remote monitoring through cloud solutions can save time and money and bring peace of mind.


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