Clantect focuses on critical infrastructure protection

Southampton, Hampshire (UK)

Critical infrastructure protection is now a key sector for Clantect. The company is already engaged in multiple projects across a wide range of different sectors: petro-chemical and industrial sites, government buildings, distribution centres and nuclear and other energy facilities. These organisations have common issues: many sites were originally constructed 50 or more years ago, the infrastructure is aging, many are located in remote areas, with only very basic of search capabilities for vehicles at the entry and exit points. These factors create an enormous exposure to the illicit entry of ‘bad actors’, using ever more sophisticated techniques to gain entry.

According to the company, Clantect’s MDT/Human Presence/Heartbeat systems are searching hundreds of vehicles each week around the world, and detecting hidden people each and every day. Clantect MDT works through the application of sound and vibration technology to execute an accurate, fast and safe search of any type of vehicle in 60 seconds. Sensors are attached to the vehicle, to the ground and (in the case of wind) to a retractable ‘Windframe’, so that all sources of vibration are measured and analysed. Even the faintest of movements (including a breath or the slight nod or twitch of a body) will be identified.

Typically the sites have entrance and exit gates in very open environments, where the vehicles are exposed to multiple sources of external sound and ground vibration, including wind and rain, passing traffic, construction or maintenance work. Such conditions would effectively rule out using other systems.

Clantect’s in-house signal processing offers a unique way of ‘cancelling out’ all other sources of external vibration, thereby being able to identify the all-important ‘internal’ vibration, i.e., emanating from people hiding inside the vehicle. Clantect has replaced many older technology systems over the last few years, due to this ability to continue to operate and produce accurate search results in exposed open environments.

Fast and accurate vehicle search

Clantect’s MDT’s vehicle search can be completed within 60 seconds. The electronic search is accurate as well as fast, so there’s no impact on the flow of traffic in and out of each site. The system is also extremely easy to operate, so that every security person manning the gate can utilise the system. The search routine is initiated by the press of an on-screen prompt, but the system is intuitive (regardless of shape, size or weight of the vehicle), so there is no manual data entry. With the inclusion of Clantect's ANPR system, the system also executes the capture of vehicle registration plates, thereby eliminating data error or deliberate miss-entry.

Clantect’s systems are already deployed at high-security prisons and borders around the world including with UK Border Force and Frontex detecting and stopping tens of thousands of clandestines and fugitives each year, with hundreds of lives being saved.


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